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Re: From Canon 6D to mirrorless


Thank you for all your messages.

Dr Hal wrote:

The Canon M6 Mark II is a wonderful little mirrorless camera. it has a 32.5mp sensor and is a very enjoyable little camera. When I want to travel super light, I put the 22mm lens, which is very small, on it and get some beautiful pictures with it. It has the canon menu system which you already know and it has the really pretty Canon colors. Because of the 32.5mp sensor, you will get large files which you can crop and still have a very usable picture. Here are a couple of pictures I took with the camera and that lens. Nothing fancy, just trip helping my grandson look for housing in college.


Yes, I had a look. Regarding the size, it looks spot on but as the M mount looks almost dead (no more development I guess), I don't want to go this direction.

Bolothegreat wrote:

XT3 with the new XF 10-24mm WR (15-36mm equivalent)

Indeed, this looks the way I am going to. I will see/touch/test this X-T3 this week.

robgendreau wrote:

I don't think a sensor change is going to produce hugely different results in dynamic range. Probably two stops at best. You're using pretty slow lenses, F4. A fast prime would be more bang for the buck. So the lenses should be the priority IMHO, and you'd have to check reviews etc about those two for the Sony. I think they're pretty good. Sensor quality doesn't vary nearly as much.

I think the Fuji has better weathersealing than the Sony. They are somewhat different cameras though, either folks love 'em or not. Some very good values there, esp the X-t30. But again, if you want to solve your low light problem you need more light hence a faster lens, at least one.

Concerning the dynamic range, I am sometimes shocked to recover more information with the GRII than with the 6D. I totally agree with you regarding the lenses, I need something faster which costs a lot in size with FF. There was one Canon 20mm F2.8 which would fit my needs (quite fast, small and light) but it is not produced anymore. But definitely, if I swith to Fuji, I will take a closer look to the Samyang 12mm f2 or the future Viltrox 13mm f1.4.

Valdai21 wrote:

I think the Fuji lenses are better than the Samyang ones.
Sony's sensor is probably better than Fuji's but lenses are the most important point.

If you take the Fuji 14mm f/2,8 instead of the 16mm, you will get an outstanding wide angle. It can be found for around 400/450 € second hand. The 16mm feels nice and it's a good lens but the 14mm is sharper and has no distorsion.

The 23mm f/2 is a very good lens, especially when used for landscapes.

Another thing is that there seems to be quite a lot of sample variations with Samyang. It can be tricky, especially with a demanding sensor like the A7R serie. I didn't notice this issue with Fuji.

Thanks, indeed the 14, 23 and 55-200 is maybe the way to go.

nayyyyyyy7 wrote:

X-T3, 10-24, and the upcoming 70-300 might be a good kit. If your looking for primes, a Samyang 12 f2, 14 2.8, 16 2.8/1.4, upcoming 18 1.4/1.8 f2, 23 f2. Just pick like 2 or 3 from that list for wide angle. I'd still recommend a telephoto zoom and a normal prime like a 35 f2 or portrait prime like a 50 f2 or 90 f2 depending on your budget.

Also, if your mainly doing landscapes, you might not need the X-T3, you can find a used X-T2 for pretty cheap. Check this vid here:

My recommendation goes to and X-T2, 10-24 and 70-300 (if reviews are good, if not the 55-200 is plenty good as well), and some primes of your choice!

Hope this helped!

Yes that helps ! I did not know that with the X-T2, thanks. Zoom choice looks indeed perfect for versatility. I will have a look onto the 70-300 which I do not know.

beagle1 wrote:

might be time to upgrade to Canon R5 or R6 - which can use DSLR lenses

Or if you like small and light - Canon M6*ii* and "pancake" lenses


Well, these R5 and R6 Canon look fantastic but are completely out of my list because of price but above all, because of the lens sizes (same applies to Nikon Z). To me, a mirrorless camera should be compact. Of course, physisc are physics and bigger lenses allow better quality. But this is not for me. I quite like what Samyang does with the small FE lenses (18/24/35/45/75).

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:


The Sony is good, but the colors can be a pain. Still, you have the widest lens selection of any mirrorless.

Have you considered the Z5?

Yes i did, it checks almost all the boxes (EVF, build quality, screen, price) but the size stops me immediately, as for the Canon eos RF mount cameras. Lens look very great but the whole package is too big regarding what I already have.

Thank you all for your advice

Today I am leaning towards the Fuji solution with zooms (10-24 + 55-200 or 70-300) and fast primes for night shots or light packing.

What do you think about the Fuji X-S10 ? I know there are few real reviews as this thing is not yet released. My main concern is the weather sealing (is that so important ?).

And the variangle screen. Do you have one of these on your camera ? What are your feeling ? To me it looks a video oriented thing, not very helping for photography but maybe I should just try.


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