Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

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Re: Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

NotAPhotog wrote:

I started shooting with an A6000, bought a used M100 just so I could use the 22mm f/2 and finally bought a D750. D750 was an excellent camera but was quite heavy with f/2.8 zoom lenses so I sold it. I also missed nailing focus on every single shot like I did with my A6000.

Right now I think the two year old A7III is the best value for money as it has excellent AF and the most lenses.

However after using my A6000, I am hesitant to go back to Sony ergonomics/UI, even if I feel that the AF has made shooting a lot easier.

That leaves Canon and Nikon. I definitely prefer Nikon's bodies especially the Z5 but I like what Canon has done with RF lenses.

I shoot mainly portraits and family snapshots.

What brand or body recommend?

If the D750 was too heavy then I'm not sure that the other full frame mirrorless cameras are going to be much better. Yes, a 7iii body is lighter by 200g. But once you add on a full frame lens, that difference is even less significant.

So I'd look at a lens or two you can live with, and if you want to go full frame, that means probably a prime if you want to be anywhere near having lighter weight and bulk, but still with some low light capability.

The Canon RP is one of the light FFs out there, at 485g, so even lighter than the A7iii by a bunch. Add the new plastic fantastic RF 50mm 1.8 or an excellent RF 35mm 1.8 and you've got a super light and affordable kit, maybe the lightest you can get with FF. Although I'd check the A7c as well if you liked the A6000 ergonomics, but I don't know enough about Sony lenses to know if they've got some light ones.

And the D750 has great AF by all accounts. Some say the best Nikon has, and it's used by many wildlife and sports shooters. So I'm not sure why it didn't work for you. I dunno about the A6000, but perhaps there's a reason besides the camera that's happening, and so don't think a new one will change things per se.

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