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Re: Using color gels

Pixelthinker wrote:

I want to explore using color gels in my photography. Looking online it seems most gel kits include barn doors. Paul Buff for example. I’d prefer to use gels with an umbrella or diffuser so the light fall off isn’t harsh.

What’s the reasoning behind using barn doors with gels?

Using strobes with barndoors you are still able to use an umbrella. Two problems: you need to punch a hole in the gel for the umbrella shaft and if your model light is incandescent, it must be turned off unless your gel is heat resistant.

You can also just fix the gels to the standard reflector with C-47s. Different strobes are configured differently, so gelling without barndoors can take some ingenuity.

With speedlights you just tape the gel in front of the fresnel lens.

If your main light is a large softbox and the other lights use smaller modifiers, you can gel the smaller lights and shoot raw, and then push the white balance to create a coloured main light.

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