Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

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Re: Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

David_KG wrote:

Euell wrote:

I don't know what kind of travel is available during the pandemic, but generally fixed focal length lenses, while offering superior IQ, are far less convenient for travel than zoom lenses. In my experience, to get the best results, often requires waiting for favorable lighting and in cities tourists getting out of the way of your shot. Depending on travel style, these opportunities may not be practical. Changing lenses and/or obtaining ideal vantage points can be difficult or impossible during travel. Zooms are quite helpful in these circumstances. Now, the issue with full frame is that the best zoom lenses are pretty large, which is way Sony developed the somewhat slow 28-60 retractable lens specifically for introduction with the A7c. Personally, I have used an APSC camera mostly when traveling, because the normal and wide zoom lenses are not that large. The RX100 series can also be useful when doing activities like bicycle riding that require a pocketable camera. But, different strokes for different folks.

Hi Euell,

This is exactly what I was finding when I looked around when putting together a "compact" travel setup...

- Basically all of Sigma's "art" lenses are just too large

- And Sony's 24-70 f2.8 is huge

- And so is Tamron's 70-200 f2.8

- 24-105 f4 looks to be great, but still too big

- and 24-70 f4 Zeiss just doesn't seem to offer as much for the money

I really wasn't sure what I was going to do...

I'm going to try out Tamron's 28-200 and compromise on the aperture for lens size, and see how that works.

I considered APS-C and was very close to getting the A6400, but didn't for two reasons.

First, I wanted to buy good glass and didn't want to have a tension of investing in APC-S lenses that I may discard in a few years.

And second, I like the idea of going out at night or evenings in low light, and thought I might regret the smaller sensor.

It could be the wrong decision given the "compact/light" objectives of my camera setup. I also looked at Fuji, and really closely at their new X-S10... If I truly stuck with APS-C, I might have gone with them.

For now, what excited me about the A7C is the form factor - maybe I can have my cake and eat it too ??

No question that the smaller APSC sensor requires more noise reduction in post if using high ISO. Also, as you say, investing in APSC lenses is a mistake if you intend to move to FF. I keep both systems, and acquired the 16-55 as a general purpose zoom, in addition to the 18-135 for its size. I will not be acquiring zoom lenses for FF, but only reasonably compact fixed focal length lenses that perform well on the higher resolution sensors. Working with high resolution FF RAW files in post provides much more latitude than working with APSC files. But, horses for courses.

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