Palette Master Element for BenQ monitors updated

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Re: Palette Master Element for BenQ monitors updated

Roy Sletcher wrote:

Trying it on my SW270C and WIN 10 and so far not working too well.

Using Art's suggestion of 0.1c nits resulted in validation failure. Using the suggested default of 0.5 nits and it passes validation, but the blacks are all muddy and crushed compared to previous version.

Will continue to experiment, but for now the previous version is starting to look like the preferable choice.

If I recall, in his video Art implied best not to upgrade if a previous version is working well. Maybe Art knows something his NDA does not permit him to share?

Does anybody else have comments about this release?


I ran a calibration on my SW2700 using Art's 'best' settings, and the result was a hair better than my previous calibration with 1.3.11. Validation passed and the max delta E decreased. It's not a apples to apples comparison though since my settings were his 'safe' settings for the previous calibration.

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