Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

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Re: Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

NotAPhotog wrote:

I started shooting with an A6000, bought a used M100 just so I could use the 22mm f/2 and finally bought a D750. D750 was an excellent camera but was quite heavy with f/2.8 zoom lenses so I sold it. I also missed nailing focus on every single shot like I did with my A6000.

Right now I think the two year old A7III is the best value for money as it has excellent AF and the most lenses.

However after using my A6000, I am hesitant to go back to Sony ergonomics/UI, even if I feel that the AF has made shooting a lot easier.

That leaves Canon and Nikon. I definitely prefer Nikon's bodies especially the Z5 but I like what Canon has done with RF lenses.

I shoot mainly portraits and family snapshots.

What brand or body recommend?

Canon R5 or R6 is now the "best"  --  especially with RF lenses

might depend on what lenses you still have

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