Opinions about documentary photography

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Re: Opinions about documentary photography
  1. What do you think are the skills required for documentary photography?

Writing for grant money, caring about something so much to do work not just for free but covering all the costs

  1. Would you consider documentary photography as an art?

what is art? Is art defined by the artist or the person purchasing the work?

  1. What commonalities documentary photography has with other photography practices?

you will be extremely poor

  1. What are the standards that you should achieve and respect in documentary photography?

standards? Didn’t you just ask about art? Ethics? Good for you now answer that question two months without pay sitting in a police station

  1. What is the difference between documentary photography and photojournalism?

In photojournalism you can work all weekend with super expensive equipment and make $25 on a single sale of some chubby high school athlete scoring a goal. In documentary photography you can bore everyone to death about how you have sixth months of work and need to find an editor willing to work for free so they can make sense of all the garbage you brought back. ( you know it’s garbage that’s why you can’t edit/cull it yourself) and even if you do produce something and let’s hypothetically say it goes viral you will still need to borrow money for coffee while the ngo’s lawyers make a healthy six figures

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