Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

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Re: Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

NotAPhotog wrote:

I started shooting with an A6000, bought a used M100 just so I could use the 22mm f/2 and finally bought a D750. D750 was an excellent camera but was quite heavy with f/2.8 zoom lenses so I sold it. I also missed nailing focus on every single shot like I did with my A6000.

Right now I think the two year old A7III is the best value for money as it has excellent AF and the most lenses.

However after using my A6000, I am hesitant to go back to Sony ergonomics/UI, even if I feel that the AF has made shooting a lot easier.

That leaves Canon and Nikon. I definitely prefer Nikon's bodies especially the Z5 but I like what Canon has done with RF lenses.

I shoot mainly portraits and family snapshots.

What brand or body recommend?

I went through this same analysis, and narrowed it down to Sony vs. Nikon.  At the time, neither the Z5 nor the R5/R6 had been announced.

I don't care about brand -- I have cameras from three different brands -- but I chose Sony because of the lens ecosystem.  To be clear, I really didn't care for Sony's ergonomics (I have the A7R3, which is a bit different, but still kind of stinks on ergos).  But you get used to the body, and you don't really need the full menu system once you set everything up.  I think of it as buying into a lens system, and then backing into the body that best fits my needs.  And the Sony system offers just a ton of native lens options, including all the excellent third party lenses.

The Z5 does offer a tremendous value.  It's several hundred dollars cheaper than the A7iii, and you get better ergonomics, a better EVF, a proper touch screen, and comparable IQ.  Of course that math may change quickly when you start to consider lenses.  And the A7iii, despite being a couple of years older, still offers a dual gain sensor, faster burst shooting, better video, and longer battery life.

In the end, of course, you can't go wrong with any of the three major brands.  Their latest cameras are capable of doing far more than most of us need -- they all take great photos.  So I think it's just a matter of setting a budget, looking at the lens systems, and then backing into the body that makes the most sense given your photography needs.

Good luck, and enjoy whatever you choose!

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