From Canon 6D to mirrorless

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Lenses matter

I think the Fuji lenses are better than the Samyang ones. 
Sony's sensor is probably better than Fuji's but lenses are the most important point.

If you take the Fuji 14mm f/2,8 instead of the 16mm, you will get an outstanding wide angle. It can be found for around 400/450 € second hand. The 16mm feels nice and it's a good lens but the 14mm is sharper and has no distorsion.

The 23mm f/2 is a very good lens, especially when used for landscapes.

Another thing is that there seems to be quite a lot of sample variations with Samyang. It can be tricky, especially with a demanding sensor like the A7R serie. I didn't notice this issue with Fuji.

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