Trying Big Sur from external boot drive question

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Re: Trying Big Sur from external boot drive question

JPAlbert wrote:

"If I clone my internal drive, (Carbon Copy Cloner), to an external SSD, boot from it and update it to Big Sur am I likely to have any problems other than perhaps reduced speed?"

Actually, that would be a very prudent method by which to try out Big Sur BEFORE you "commit to it" on your internal drive.

I just installed Big Sur onto an old platter-based drive I had this afternoon.
The install went ok, I really haven't fooled with it since then.

My drive is an older HDD and not fast. "Test purposes" only.
If you do your "test install" to an SSD, things will probably go much faster.

Thanks JP, and all who replied, when you are not too sure if you really know what you are doing it is re-assuring to get advice on where you are going.


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