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Re: From Canon 6D to mirrorless

N_M wrote:


I'm Nicolas, from France. I am here to get (please )some advice regarding a potential shift from DSLR to mirroless camera.

The gear i have for now :

  • Canon 6D with the 17-40mm f4 and the 70-200mm f4 (no IS) lenses.
  • Ricoh GRII.

Photography practice :

  • 95% landscape.
  • 5% "holidays" things (details, people...).

The Ricoh is often used for holidays when backpacking or cycling and i appreciate the weight and the IQ from this little camera.

I am fine using a fix lens but i would like sometimes to change : always having a 28mm equivalent provides always the same framing/view angle. Having another angle would be nice.

The DSLR is used during day or two days hiking in the mountains. I like the IQ and the 17-40mm versability is quite nice.

Because of the weight and because i prefer wide angles , i never bring the 70-200.

Wishes and needs :

  • I need a small and lightweight solution.
  • I do not really care about FF if APSC is good enough.
  • I want a good sensor IQ for shadow recovery (i see a limitation with my 6D - GRII is surprisingly good) and for night sky shots, but i am not a pixel peeper.
  • I do not need deep bokeh.
  • I do not need extreme AF performance.
  • Weather sealing is a plus (but if it rains, i would put back the camera into the bag anyway).

My final "candidates" are :

  • Sony A7III with Samyang 18mm f2.8 FE, Samyang 35mm f1.8 FE lenses.
    Not too big body, very small lenses, top notch IQ and noise capability. Average EVF and tilting screen. Weather sealed.
    But i am wondering if these lenses make sense onto such a high spec sensor.
    And then, i am pretty sure i will never buy any zoom due to FF weight and size issues.
  • Fujifilm X-T3 with 16mm f2.8 and 23mm f2 lenses. Looking forward about the announced Viltrox 13mm lens. Looks good quality, lightweight and small. Good EVF and tilting screen. Weather sealed. Great deals at the moment.
    And if needed, i could still go with some zooms (10-24mm f4 / 55-200mm 3.5/4.8) without getting to big/heavy.
  • Fujifilm X-S10 with the same lenses. A bit smaller but not weather sealed, average EVF. I see the variangle screen as a weakness.

Thanks for your inputs, thoughs and advice .

I don't think a sensor change is going to produce hugely different results in dynamic range. Probably two stops at best. You're using pretty slow lenses, F4. A fast prime would be more bang for the buck. So the lenses should be the priority IMHO, and you'd have to check reviews etc about those two for the Sony. I think they're pretty good. Sensor quality doesn't vary nearly as much.

I think the Fuji has better weathersealing than the Sony. They are somewhat different cameras though, either folks love 'em or not. Some very good values there, esp the X-t30. But again, if you want to solve your low light problem you need more light hence a faster lens, at least one.

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