A Trinity of Zeiss lenses for 60 bucks?

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Re: A Trinity of Zeiss lenses for 60 bucks?

backsidewalkaround wrote:

fferreres wrote:

I have a 25/50/85 set but never had enough energy to try to start to adapt them. The photos look pretty. I will have to come back to it later!

I don't think there is a 25 and a 50 for the ContaFLEX series. I think you got it mixed up with the Contarex - in this case you won't get 3 lenses for 60 bucks ;-\, more like 2000.

25 was a typo. Isn’t the 50mm attaches to the camera? I bough one broken as I’d require the rear element part anyway for all 3. Can it be possible I also have a 135mm one?

Also adaption isn't a problem. You can buy adapters on ebay for a few dollars.

I have two Contarex lenses. One came as I put a purchase for a Contax 85/2, and a Contarex 85/2 arrived in place of it. The other is a 135/2.8 “Olympia”.

The Contaflex lenses cerainly aren't as good as the Contarex ones, but they're good enough to be interesting, especially for the price. No one wants to bother with adaption.

😂 I did. I have the lenses. One of them has some minor separation. I like that they are big chunks of glass. They may not be better, but they certainly are distinct from the 155,000 other Planar, Flektogon, Biogon, Sonnar, Tessar, Pancolar, etc. The images are definitely vintage looking, in a very good way.

Right now I have a Robot Biogon sitting, which arrived with all the apertures mangled and stiff and other issues, that was a huge challenge as some screws rot or were so brittle I had to remove them by slowly making them dust. I still haven’t figured out how the lens works, being very old it’s an odd logic.

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