Trying Big Sur from external boot drive question

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Re: Trying Big Sur from external boot drive question

DavidHH wrote:

Yes there are some caveats if you are using Cloning Software e.g. Carbon Copy Cloner. The caveat identified by Carbon Copy Cloner I would assume could impact all cloning software. I would proceed with a lot of caution if you need to depend on making a Clone Copy of Big Sur.

I would  clone to an external,  (Samsung T5),  and then boot from there and then update etc. so I hope I would not be putting my internal iMac boot drive in jeopardy. I also have another CCC and TM backup of the iMac.

Bombich Software (makers of Carbon Copy Cloner) are experts in this field and they are raising "Yellow Flags".

See attached Blog post from Bombich Software.

That is worth a read. I think Bombich sent it to registered owners. I believe there are some procedures required with CCC with computers having the T2 chip but that does not apply to my  vintage iMac.

Thanks for your response.

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