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Re: Disqualified Challenge Entry

Your welcome. As I say, your efforts over the years have been huge.

If you look at your disqualification messages, though, I hope in retrospect you will see that your message to the OP was rather brief and uninformative even compared with the other three. You did use the word Human on the other three but his just said "Read."  I know some people seem to deliberately flout rules but it seems here the OP missed the stipulation about not having humans in the picture but checked the listed rules. I enjoy your scene setting descriptions but people have a variable level of ability to extract information from complicated text. Especially as people here are not all fluent in English.  In the UK it is said that 25% of people are functionally illiterate and I find as I get older I find it harder to make myself concentrate on detailed letters from the tax man etc. I know you are not paid to do this but a slightly longer explanation might be more helpful and appear less abrupt. "No human to be visible in image," perhaps.

But yes I know people then argue that they are very small and hardly show!

Anyway keep up the good work and I'm sorry if I infringe your rules in the future.

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