How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

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Re: How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

Rico Tudor wrote:

Projection attachments like the Dedolight DP1 and the Godos SA-P have kob which lets you tilt the front of the projector to correct the distortion in cases like this.

DP-1 cannot be tilted. A perfectly circular spotlight when hitting the b/g at an angle can be achieved with an elliptical gobo although the focal plane will not fall correctly for sharp edges all around. DOF can be increased by pulling the fixture way back but illumination efficiency will suffer the inverse-square law.

I think you are right. My memory played tricks, The screw is there to allow the image it be in focus on a slanted surface using the Scheimpflug principle.

The beam is almost parallel. So the falloff is very gradual because the virtual point source is a long way behind the light. The inverse square law applies but you measure from where the light appears to come from not the front of the light.

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