An X-T3 users thoughts on his X-E3 purchase...

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Re: An X-T3 users thoughts on his X-E3 purchase...

enigmatico wrote:

HamSupLo wrote:

Thank you so much for this post. It really, really resonated with me as a current X-T3 owner.

I got back into photography the end of this summer with the purchase of my X-T3. My wife wanted a camera as well and we were debating between the X-T20 and X-E3 (which was an incredibly tough debate). I was leaning toward the X-E3 for the contrast in style compared to the X-T3 but my wife preferred the SLR style of the X-T20 and we ended up finding a really good deal on an X-T30.

Even after purchasing that, there’s still a big part of me that wants an X-E3 but I’m not sure how it would fit when I can borrow my wife’s X-T30 or even use my old X-M1 for an on-the-go option (so far my X-T3 with my 27mm and 18mm has worked perfectly for that). Mentally and emotionally, I’m still trying to get over the hump of not wanting to cannibalize my time with my X-T3 with another piece of gear.

To that end though, I just like where digital photography technology is at right now. I know there’s always room for improvement, but everything (at least with Fuji) feels so right, which is why I’m thinking about buying an X-E3 sometime to mess around with and eventually give to my 10 month old son when he’s older with either a cheap Meike pancake lens or the 15-45mm zoom. I know it'll be outdated by then, but I'm 99% sure it'll still be a joy to use and great to learn with and it'll be considered cheap enough by then that I won't mind giving to a 5 year old.

I don’t want to use my kid as an excuse to make yet another camera purchase as I had always planned to give him my X-M1 but there’s something about the X-E3 that speaks to me. Like you, I didn’t like the rangefinder style much to begin with, but it’s grown on me so much recently; to the point where I want just want something portable in that style and the X-E3 is perfect. I don’t care that the X-E4 is coming out (for now) because all the research I did when deciding between the X-E3 and the X-T20 shows that it’s an amazing camera and your post validates that and it gave me an excuse to vent the above.

I used the X-T30 for many months and recently sold it to buy an X-100V. There is something about a very small camera with the viewfinder in the centre, that just feels odd/wrong to me.
Having a small camera body with the EVF on the left makes more ergonomic sense for me; it adds a bit more space between my right hand and my face. Plus it prevents my nose being pressed up against the camera.
I also have an X-E3 and love it for the same reason. Used X-E3’s can be found for great prices these days.

Thanks for that data point! That makes sense. I'm itching to have a camera with a VF on the left side. The X-M1 doesn't have a built in VF so that leaves a lot to be desired. I have X-E3 "watched" almost everywhere I shop. The price it's at is great for what it is, but given all the money I've spent recently, it's a bit beyond what I'm willing to spend right now.

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