argh...Samyang lens station screwed up my lens

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Re: argh...Samyang lens station screwed up my lens

Hello everyone..

managed to brick my Samyang AF 75mm 1.8 in the following way:

  • Using a Mac, successfully updated a Samyang 45mm F1.8 by downloading firmware, connecting to dock, clicking 'Update'.
  • Removed the 45mm, attached the Samyang 75mm F1.8 and clicked 'Update'.
  • Update said 'successful', but when attaching the 75 to my A7C it wouldn't focus. Camera behaves oddly, lens seems not to be operated properly.
  • Samyang 75 now shows up as Samyang 45 in my lens station.. what the fudge

So I got a brand new, working Samyang 75mm F1.8 that I managed to cripple just by updating it in a row with another lens. Well done.

By playing around, I found this to work:


  • Pre-download your latest firmware from Samyangs page
  • Open Samyang lens manager
  • Attach your lens to Samyang lens station
  • Click 'Lens Conn.' with the pre-selected COM-Port
  • Don't click anything, just detach Lens from Lens Station (do not click disconnect in the software, just unplug it)
  • With the lens still not attached, click 'Lens Connection' Button
  • Now click Disconnect
  • Leave the lens detached, just click 'Lens Conn.' with the pre-selected COM port
  • Greyed out before, quickly click on the now available 'Firmware Update' button
  • Now load Lens firmware file by clicking 'Load lens F/W File', lens is still detached!
  • Now attach your Lens to the station, and immediately click Update
  • Update should work

if not, add these two steps in the end:

  • Click on 'Lens Connection', click 'Disconnect' and then 'Lens Conn.' again
  • now try to click the Update button

I also renamed the (correct) firmware update from "AF75F18_v03.hex" to "AF45F18_v03.hex" to trick the lens station into believing I would flash a 45mm firmware to a (false!) 45mm Lens.

Just play around a little.. this software allows you to brick your lens, but it also manages to bring it back to life.

Good luck!

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