A6600? Good camera to start with E-mounts?

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Re: A6600? Good camera to start with E-mounts?

22-Rimfire wrote:

I'm not new to photography. Been at this game for 40 years. I am a hobbyist and if you look at my gear list you can see I have Sony A-mount APS-C stuff. The lens selection will be carefully done to reflect the kind of use I normally have. I have lots of choices, but one of these would be more compact depending on the lens choice.

If I go full frame E-mount (mirrorless), then my lenses are mostly useless. I don't want to break the bank, but I do want a good camera body that I can depend on for years at advanced amateur levels.

I am not overly concerned about winter temperatures and photography. I live in Tennessee.

If the ergonomics don't bother you, the A6xxx series is more than adequate to take excellent photos and the newest have the best AF, if that is important to you.

If, on the other hand, you feel you need the best or near-best IQ available and have the means, then you should consider a FF camera. But, the (considerable) additional money you would spend on a FF system will produce diminishing returns.  And, moving to FF is only worthwhile, in my opinion, if you are willing to spend on lenses that produce the IQ that takes full advantage of the FF format.  Otherwise, you are probably better off with a high quality APSC outfit.

Personally, I like the convenience and size of Sony's APSC line, even though the ergonomics are not great.  It's something you get used to.  For many purposes APSC quality is more than adequate and its portability is a big plus.  The FF equipment only comes out, when maximum detail is the objective and there is adequate time to set up.

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