EM1X + Oly 100-400 Nov 14 2020

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Paul Auclair
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Re: EM1X + Oly 100-400 Nov 16 2020

JulesGo wrote:

Nice photos using the 100-400mm Paul. Congrads !

I have the PL 100-400mm and I really don't like; I seldom use it but I miss the zoom. The Oly 100-400mm could be a nice addition to my 300mm. I would not get the dual stabilizers, just like the PL, but it would be nice to be able to use the TCs. Also, if the Oly 150-400mm is really priced at 7000 Euros (12500$CA including taxes), I am certainly not going to go that route !

i watched a lot of youtube on the Oly 100-400.

I left both the lens IS and IBIS on.

I wanted to see how 'bad' this super-tele non-Sync IS was with the MC20 at full zoom.

I took many photos  (at reasonably close range [within 30 feet] if that matters) and I have nothing bad to say about the non-Sync IS.

The lens is  very light and I had no trouble keeping the AF target box still and on the subject.

*i have been using the 4/300 Pro with MC20 a lot in the past year so that likely is a benefit for being able to handhold the zoom combo well enough.

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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