How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

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Re: How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

Ed Shapiro wrote:

I suspect it is a post-processing job. If it was done with an optical spot to light and the subject AND background the circle on the background would no be concentric or perfectly round. The shadows on the background indicate that the main light is coming in at about 30-degrees0 that would cause a more elliptical pattern on the background. To get a perfect circle, the optical spot would have to be coaxial to the subject and hide behind her.

Projection attachments like the Dedolight DP1 and the Godos SA-P have kob which lets you tilt the front of the projector to correct the distortion in cases like this.

If the circle was a cutout, adhered to the background, how do y'all account for the falloff of light? You can see the subject's legs and the cove in the cyclorama at a different rate of opacity. If the spotlight was hidden behind the subject, you would need adequate depth of field to render the edges sharply- and you would need more distance between the subject and the background- the shadows indicate that she is very close to the background. Looks like an overlay? To get a definite circle you would need a focusable optical spotlight with a carrier to hold gobos at the proper distance from the condensers.

I had similar doubts about these images but the OP says that there's a BTS video showing the shoot.

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