Eye AF comparison X-T4 vs Sony A7Rii - from those of you who have used both?

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Re: Eye AF comparison X-T4 vs Sony A7Rii - from those of you who have used both?

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Somnambulist Squirrel wrote:

Hi all,

Coming from an A7Rii, and considering an X-T4. I realize that the gen 3 and up Sony bodies have improved AF performance over the A7Rii, and that the X-T4 is upgraded in this regard from the X-T3, so I am hoping that someone here may have specifically used both the A7Rii and the X-T4, and can tell me their experience of the two.

If the X-T4 is at least as good as the Rii, then that is likely fine for me (yes, even if it isn't as good as the gen 3 Sony options), as other advantages to the Fuji will play heavily. If it is less good than even my Rii was, then that might encourage me to stay with Sony despite the other advantages for me of the Fuji.


You should also be considering the lenses you want.

I can see you have a Sony 85mm f1.8. There is not real equivalent in Fuji at that price point, except for the Viltrox 56mm 1.4 which although a bit smaller, its a worst performer i would say. Not so good corners and slower AF. Also no function button in the lens.

The Fuji 56mm 1.2 is almost 1000USD.

Also the equivalent for the Samyang 35mm 2.8 is the Fuji 23mm f2. I would say they are similar, although the Fuji is more expensive and a bit longer (not really much tbh).

If you want to get budget telephoto zooms, there is where an APS-C system still has advantages. Fuji has the 55-200 which is very good optically and seels around 500-600USD, while for Sony you will have to pay around 700-800 for the cheapest telephoto zoom.

Sigma and Tamron are adding very good options with the Sigma 100-400 or the Tamron 70-300, both selling at around 700-900 USD. Of course they are bigger being FF lens.

I've built out multiple shopping carts for lens kits both ways, based on my budget, so I feel like I have comparable options either way, that I am mostly happy with. I am still toying with whether, if I go Fuji, to stick with my typical 3 primes or to go with the 16-55 2.8 zoom and a 90. I think I would likely move to the 90 in the Fuji system, from the files I have seen, and I regularly use (and like) an equivalent focal length 135 with my Sony.

I am, also, hoping that Sigma will come out with X mount versions of their excellent APS-C primes, should I go to Fuji, which would be a fine reason to wait on picking up the 56.

We can all hope for this as well as there zooms.  It seems that Sigma is likely to support X mount on there Mirrorless lens line. These are the most modern lenses in Sigma's catalog some of which may be based on there full frame lenses.


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