Wow olympus prices have risen a lot!

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Re: Wow olympus prices have risen a lot!

Since the day that someone had the bright idea to use a strip of movie film to make a small camera for still images, the frame size of 35mm film became a standard for portable cameras. This changed when digital cameras came about because technology and price restricted image size to much smaller than 35mm proportions or what is now known as "full frame". Technology has improved and digital 35mm frame size is available to those who want it. MFT, FT and APSC will be seen on the photography road map as an expedient but soon to be little used blind alley the end of which has almost been reached. Remember half frame, 110, and apsc film cameras and what happened to them. 35mm image size is once sgain well established. We are not many years away from just 2 types of cameras, smart phones for Joe Public and cameras that don't fit into a pocket for professionals and hobby nerds. And these will be at least "full frame".

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