Downgrading (... or rather upgrading) from A6500 to A6400

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Re: Downgrading (... or rather upgrading) from A6500 to A6400

Why the 6400 instead of the 6600?

My A77 was recently stolen along with my favorite lenses and I am looking for a replacement camera / camera system. I am very seriously considering the 6500 as well as a A7Rii or A7Riii.

One of the things I really don't like about the A7 line is no built in flash. I have a 3 Godox wireless flash setup along with softboxes and umbrellas that I really enjoy using BUT I often find myself hiking on a dark tree covered trail or at a camp site with a beautiful sunset and the built in flash on my A77 was a perfect fill flash for the human subjects in the shot! ...without having to carry a separate flash and the bulk and clumsiness that involves.

I kind of ruled out the 6600 because it does not have a built in flash. With a wealth of A-mount lenses (many old Minolta lenses) I really value the IBIS. I am having a hard time talking myself into giving up IBIS.

Being a life long A-Mount user (since 1985) I am finally giving up on the system and looking for something with better longevity. The autofocus on my Maxxum 7000 loved to do a lot of hunting but I learned to work around it and live with it. The A77 autofocus was so great that I never really had any complaints... but, of course, it had face detection but no eye detection. My daughter is 16 years old and can finally stand still for more than 5 seconds and I don't really take action shots so I haven't ever felt a great need to upgrade... until now.

I am a little discouraged with how new bodies seem to be "de-gressing" as much as they are progressing. No built in GPS is a HUGE sore spot with me. No built in flash... Really? That is like removing the headphone jack from a cell phone!

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