Eye AF comparison X-T4 vs Sony A7Rii - from those of you who have used both?

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X-T4 100% over Sony A7Rii

I had the A7Rii for a few years. It was a great camera at the time. But compared to cameras today AF is not quite as good. I used an x-T3 for a while and found it slightly better. The x-T4 is likely improved over that.

Not many realize there is a good different in AF between even Sony’s  current cameras (marketers want you to think there is not). There is a good difference between the A9ii and the A7iii. And the A7riv is a step below the A7iii. Then a slight step down to the A7Riii and a bigger step down to the A7Rii.

If AF was your highest priority I’d say get an R5 or A9ii. But for almost any photographer the x-T4 is more than good enough. I’d pick it over the A7Rii 100% if those were my only 2 choices.

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