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Re: Great Photos and nice summary of the lens

rz350 wrote:

Paul Auclair wrote:

rz350 wrote:

Just curious to know how well the tc 1.4 works with the 100-400? Do you stop it down? If so, to what F stop? Just want to have some starting knowledge since I just ordered one with black Friday sales and such.

i 'tested' (loosely) the 1.4X and 2.0X but mainly just to judge the provided IQ and at reasonably short distances. I did use the 2.0 real quick at a lake (a bird on the opposite shore) but there was too much distance in the image so that's my bad and I wouldn't keep/share those pics.

there is a lot of info on the web regarding the Oly 100-400 and the TCs that you can look up. Robin Wong has some great images with the TCs and does Petr Bombousek (and his friend).

I took a look at the Images suggested. The suggestion was that there was little degradation of the images with the TCs. I guess I have been lucky before with TCs on my Nikons having used the TC1.4 and 1.7 with an 300 f4 lens and I used them wide open. I also have a Sigma tc1.4 that I use with a 150-600. I can see some fall off and slower focus but it works well. The thing is that with my Nikon I can use Auto iso up to 25600. On the Olympus I am limited to 6400 and on my old EP-5 I could set auto iso up to at least 12800 and I can't set minimum shutters speeds like I could on the Nikon.

maybe we are thinking of different things...

i use A mode, auto ISO.

i have my ISO ceiling set to 6400 and my 'min shutter speed set to 1/500' (I've dabbled with a slower shutter setting but just got too many motion blurred birds...i prefer to deal with noise rather than motion blur).

If the light i'm in is darker than ISO 6400 at 1/500 the camera will then start chipping away at the shutter speed but only after the ISO limit (6400) is reached.

in good light the camera tends to keep ISO low and bump the shutter speed (higher then 1/500), which is expected, but i sometimes see stuff like 1/3200 at ISO 3200...go figure? no idea why the camera would not choose ISO 500 at 1/500 instead...nobody's perfect

I think both the EM1X and EM1mkII are the same.

On the other hand, the Olympus MK2 and lens are considerably lighter than the Nikon.

as far as AF goes... S-AF didn't seem to slow but I was testing on static objects mostly.

you really are going to need a lot of light to allow for good C-AF (not waiting for acquisition) performance.

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thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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