Lighter Gear for BIF?

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Re: Lighter Gear for BIF?

p900learner wrote:

I'm interested in this topic as well. I'm sure no expert, but if you are thinking of a strictly compact camera for BIF I don't think that will work very well because of the reach.

If you are talking about lower and slower BIF as opposed to small songbirds in flight and you are fairly experienced handling and tracking the BIF then perhaps a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 would be workable.

Reason I say this would be a possibility is because the day after I got my FZ1000 - some swallowtail kites were seen in my area. I tried and tried to get a "decent" shot with my Nikon Coolpix P900 - just hopeless. Then thought I've got the FZ1000 let me give it a try. For the first time using the camera, plus I have little to no experience with BIF - in my mind just didn't think it worth frustrating myself, thus I've really never practiced, plus not a lot of lower and slower birds like gulls in my area.

You can see if you think these are "decent" - it was very nice light, no wind, and the kites would swoop somewhat low. Perched ones are Mississippi Kites.

FZ1000 is definitely not a compact camera, but much smaller and less bulky than the RX-10-iv. And quite inexpensive 1" sensor camera.

I'm interested in what others recommend.


I owned an FZ1000 before buying an RX10 IV.  The Lens max us 400mm (vs 600mm for the Sony) but the image produced at 400mm is great, even with the lens wide open. Unfortunately,  400mm is somewhat limiting for BIF and the AF- C is not even remotely as good. Regardless,  I have used it for BIF..ultimately it's a question of the % keepers you get from each effort and learning to get the best possible results from the camera you use. While I loved the Panasonic UI (I don't really like the Sony UI), the RX10 IV is definitely the way to go. The FZ1000 will work, but the reach is much less and %keepers significantly less.

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