Lighter Gear for BIF?

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JasonTheBirder Senior Member • Posts: 1,362
Re: Lighter Gear for BIF?

fairfaxian wrote:

I can't imagine anything that would give produce decent results of distant birds/BIF that is compact. Suggestions?

Decent results for distant birds? Not sure how distant or decent you are talking about but if you want good bird shots you don't go for distant. And compact is not a word that enters into that discussion, so don't get your hopes up.

In my opinion, you should forget about good BIF shots and get the best equipment for perched birds if you want compact.

However, to answer the question, the lightest setup that I can think of is small Nikon APS-C camera with the 300pf.

Again, I am assuming that you actually want a lens that can perform in challenging tracking situations that is also light.

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