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Re: Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED

John Crowe wrote:

my nephew has no idea how I can focus with an f1.2 lens, since he has tried manual focus with his EF 50/1.4.

In the background a Canon body is unlikely to show dof or viewfinder brightness wider than about f2, and a high end Nikon wider than about f2.2.

In this respect if both viewfinder screens are equally coarse ground apertures wider than f1.2 do not help with manual focus.

Back in recent history with an OM4 and either a 1.4 focus screen or (my preference) a 1.8 focus screen was for easier to manual focus than recent DSLR's - primarily because a lot less light needed to work multi point AF and multi segment metering was diverted before it reached the viewfinder

I was told after eye operations at age 16 I would never need spectacles againĀ 

When I started University 2 years later I had to move to the front row to read the writing on the blackboard - and in the intervening 2 years I had managed to pass a driving testĀ 

Eyes accommodate to gradual loss of acuity, without your realising it.

Anyone who cannot easily read a car number plate at 50 paces - your distance eyesight is some way from perfect.

Similarly anyone who cannot read the smallest print on an opticians close reading test - your eyesight is someway from perfect.

Often prescription eyeglasses can improve near and far eyesight acuity.

I know prescription eyeglasses cost money - but can often help see better through an optical viewfinder or the menus on the rear menu.

Perhaps your nephew could benefit from a visit to the optician if he cannot see well enough to focus manually.

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In lots of ways good photography is much more about how equipment is used rather than anything else.

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