Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

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Re: Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

I don't think 20+40 is too close at all, tho I do think 24+85 is too far apart, tho that's a bit more about what my most used FL would be than about the gap in between.

With the first combo I'd end up favoring the 40mm, which I have in fact shot as my primary FL in the past, with the second I'd end up missing something in between and cropping is just an okay substitute IMO. Regardless if it were me I'd like the option of bringing a 75 or 85 instead of the 20 at times... Social occasions where there isn't much of a backdrop to focus on as well as scenarios where your landscape vista are far off would both beg for longer FLs, the Samyang 75/1.8 is just about the smallest option on that end, I'm looking to get one soon.

Right now I mostly use my smaller M4/3 gear for tele needs, I do love shooting with the 20/1.8 G (wider than my old 24mm eq.) and the Sony 35/1.8, I might try the Samyang 45/1.8 as well, both of the latter are smaller than the Batis 40mm but the Batis might still be worth the bulk if it'll be your main workhorse and/or you'll exploit it's close focus to great effect. You really can't go wrong with any of the options under consideration, largely comes down to subjective preferences.

The only E mount zoom I've bought is the Tamron 17-28 (somewhat lighter than the 16-35 you tried at 400g), precisely because I wanna keep the bulk down, by contrast my extensive M4/3 kit used to be half zooms and half primes... If I sold off the longest M4/3 teles I'd likely get something like the Sigma 100-400 or Tamron 70-300 for special occasions, but I don't see myself going over to a 24-xx zoom. I just don't need to as an amateur, I'm fine with not always being able to "get the shot" and/or favoring the consistency, compactness, and DoF control of a couple primes over most zooms.

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