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Re: Just me? C&C + beginner perspective question

mek42 wrote:

I like the composition. The contrast between light and dark with the lines is appealing.

Beginner perspective questions:

Based on the people, it looks like the camera is located maybe one or one and a half persons above head height. So you angled the camera down to center the people. Is this the case?

Exactly.  But it was just me holding the camera as high up as I could get it and then tilting down.

It also looks like the standing trees are leaning towards the camera. Is this because the camera was tilted down?


Assuming the two answers are "Yes." would any of the following ideas help:

1. Use a tilt-shift lens (maybe just need shift?).

2. Shoot wider with camera more parallel to ground and crop for composition.

I was at the widest I could get (14mm) with the 14-30mm f4 s

3. Shoot a second shot at ground level as soon as the people are out of the frame and then paste the people into this 2nd image.

To be honest, I sometimes like the distortions that you get with a tilted wide angle lens. Sometimes patterns emerge in clouds etc. And in this case, the trees angle inwards which contributes to everything converging toward the center. Not sure how others feel about that.

Thank you for sharing this image. It was pleasurable to look at and I am grateful for the thinking provoked by it!

I very much appreciate your interest in this photo. Thank you.

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