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cjf2 wrote:

vinnieb50 wrote:

Hi Thanks for your reply. yes, I see it now....but I missed it before. My mistake was reading the "FULL RULES" which made no mention of humans.

Thanks once again



Many people don’t read the rules so some hosts try to stick some important requirements right in your face beneath the title. In this case hidden in plain sight!
Now you know how to send a personal message if it happens again you’ll find if you send a polite question that way you’ll get a polite response.
I can see you are new here so let me ask you to remember this host is a human being with feelings and do not fall in with the cyber abuse you’ll see in this forum. This host is quirky, sometimes grumpy and has some unpopular views he’s not ashamed to put forward but that makes him interesting and adds some colour to the challenges.
I’ve been entering challenges for 8 years now and this host ( in more than one identity) has had a couple of challenges a week for all that time and presumably before that too. That over 800 challenges he’s set up and monitored for free. That deserves respect.
I was disqualified by him once and In doing so I found out when he asks for landscape he refers not only to the subject but also he wants the long side to be on the horizontal. Other than that read his rules and often lengthy introduction and take or select an image from you back catalogue that fits them. I found it has widened my subject matter, something that is not true of all hosts.

I hope you stick around and enjoy you time here.

Thanks for defending me. I wasn't going to reply to this thread, but your generosity of your kind words and honesty touched me. Please, see for yourself what I wrote in each of the 4 DQ messages.

Well, is anyone going to do something about that post which leveled fake accusations and name calling at me (which has 8 people liking it)? That's right, no one. But it's ok, I'm unshakeable 😊. Like water off a duck's back.

Btw, please don't send me a personal message. DPR has crippled my ability to reply a private message. And not all my forum posts are visible either. If you see this post, it means the moderator has approved it.

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