Is it a bad idea to invest in dslr Nikon f mount at this point in time?

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Re: Is it a bad idea to invest in dslr Nikon f mount at this point in time?

MILC man wrote:

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MILC man wrote:

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duncang wrote:

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

I find it hard to believe that a D500 would struggle one bit in those situations. There is nothing particularly challenging in terms of AF in those photos.

Don't know I wasn't using the D500. Technically the mirrorless af systems have a big advantage because they are not using a mirror - the light coming in the lens goes straight to the sensor. In a DSLR the mirror lets some light through to the AF sensor so it is at a disadvantage in that it doesn't get all the incoming light.

While it is true that DSLRs do have mirrors, that doesn't mean that mirrorless cameras have an advantage and thus better AF in low light. The A9 only autofocuses to -3EV, whereas the D500 goes to -4EV.

those manufacturer specs are dependent on external factors, like the speed of the lens that was used for testing... wrt ospdaf, if you put a faster lens on, the camera focuses better in lower light... so it's largely a meaningless comparison.

very few people who have used both cameras want to go back to a d500... the a9 has ospdaf capability all the way up to f/11 at least, while d500 af is done at f/8.

It is not a meaningless comparison. If you have an f/2.8 lens on both cameras, one will achieve focus in very dark conditions and the other one won't. Simple as that

per the link:

if you put an f/1.4 lens on ospdaf milc, it'll focus better in lower light than it does with an f/2.8 lens.

if you put an f/1.4 lens on a dslr, it won't focus any better than it does with an f/2-f/2.8 lens.

no question that the a9 is better in low light, i own one and it's amazing.

the sony factory -3ev a9 rating you quoted was with an f/2.0 lens.

"(Sony rates the A9's low-light AF sensitivity at -3.0 EV but at f/2.0 which is a stop faster than the lens we test with, so it appears the A9 does meet Sony's spec even with our low-contrast target.) However the Sony A9 was able to autofocus on our newer high-contrast target down to about -6.1 EV, which is excellent."

Man, you're really into the A9. I'm certain it's a fantastic camera. However, you're comparing the wrong camera here. The A9 compares to the D5/6 from Nikon. You're talking about a $3000 camera (the A9II is a $5000 camera). The D500 is a $1500 camera ($1000 used) which has fantastic features, and does the job this guy is looking to do inside a reasonable budget. 
It's clear you think the A9 is better. I don't think you're helping this guy make a decision tho.

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