how to unblock olympus firmware update

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Re: firmware updated --- thanks again

A couple years later, but I thought I would post in here in case it helps someone else as I have just struggled through this.

1) Allow updates from Anywhere on my mac is selected

2) "Unlocked" in Security and Privacy

3) Camera is set to Storage mode when I connected it.

4) Uninstall/reinstall of Olympus workspace did not help

5) #4 also ends up rebooting the mac as part of the software install process, so no need to try that again.

What I did at this point was the following (without ever closing OW)

1) With OW running and my camera already connected via USB, I was getting the same failure to communicate message.

2) I unplugged the usb cable and plugged it back in, this pops up the camera screen to select storage mode

3) I selected something other than "Storage". (I chose the "Pc -> Camera" symbol, the one under PC RAW)

4) OW failed to find my camera like this, so I unplugged and plugged the USB cable back in

5) Select Storage on my camera

6) Viola. It has worked every time since then. I have no idea why.

My Mac is  on Catalina 10.15.6

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