I think I busted my A7Rii - what to replace it with?!

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Re: I think I busted my A7Rii - what to replace it with?!

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

Somnambulist Squirrel wrote:

Okay, so my A7Rii and Sony FE 85 jumped ship and bounced along the concrete the other day. They may be toast. I’m waiting on the assessment, but in the event they need to be replaced, I’m thinking ahead to what might replace them. I shoot a lot of landscapes, some street, some outdoor sports, some portraiture. I like using manual, vintage lenses. Things I have liked about the A7Rii: resolution is great for landscapes, IBIS and focus peaking, magnification is awesome for shooting with old manual lenses, eye af. Things that bug me: none of the back buttons are great for back button focusing, SLOW to respond and slow burst speed, AF is not bad, but not awesome and meh with adapted lenses, I’m regularly changing custom button setups for what I’m shooting, stupid exp comp dial gets bumped by my big meat fists on the regular, colors almost always need adjustment for my taste, I find I always want to process from raw to get the output I want, oddly - noisier than I expected in long exposure shots. In that system, I have the kit 28-70 lens (only use for bad weather stuff), Samyang 35mm f2.8 (tiny, sharp and quick, and I love the focal length) and the 85 1.8. I covet the new Sony 20mm f1.8, but would also be happy with a good 24. I have a bunch of vintage manual lenses.

For my budget, I can go with any of the following:

New A7Rii, new 85 1.8 or Sammy 85 1.4, Sony 20mm 1.8

Lightly used Fuji X-T4, 16-55 2.8 and 56 1.2

New A7iii, 85 and a Tamron 20mm f2.8

Used A7riii and an 85, maybe a Tamron 20 if I sell some stuf

a6600 and the 16-55 2.8

i don’t really shoot video, though would like to learn someday. So, really for stills. I obsess over IQ, but also would love to have OOC JPEGs I actually like to share quickly.


If you obsess about IQ, then don't go with APS-C.

The things that bother you about the A7RII will not be fixed by the A7RIII except for maybe the AF. The AF of the A7RIV on the other hand is much better. But the colors, the laggy response, and the noisy images are just part of the Sony system.

Nikon has beautiful colors, and the Z5 has very clean shadows (seems Nikon fixed the banding problem). The Z7II might be what you are looking for.

Both the Z7 and Z7ii are pushing my budget when I look at the glass I would need. Maybe a Z6ii, if I went minimalist on glass. I’ll have to dig into the files to check out the shadow quality.

I should qualify my obsession over IQ with the adverb “unreasonably”.... I’m not entirely convinced that I need FF for my shooting, if I’m honest with myself. But I do like the shallower depth of field it offers.

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