EM1X + Oly 100-400 Nov 14 2020

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Paul Auclair
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EM1X + Oly 100-400 Nov 14 2020

RAW/Lr, handheld, random shots with distances too far and ISOs too high...just like I use my 4/300 and TCs...

in the past few months I've read and watched about every review/you tube about the lens before having it in hand.

I did not change camera settings to accommodate the Oly 100-400 other than upping min. shutter speed and increasing L burst rate from 10 to 15 as I noticed quite early that I was getting less keepers to choose from compared to my 4/300 combos.

IQ from the Oly 100-400 is more than satisfactory for me. I did use the two TCs mostly just to look at the IQ provided but I did not use them in the field much as I just did not require the added reach (or slower shutter speeds to be honest). IQ from the two TCs is best when shooting subjects closer rather than further.

I have been using my 4/300 with MC20 (600mm) a lot in the past year or so...so the 400mm focal length was a piece of cake. I hardly ever needed to 'zoom out (wide), find the subject then zoom back in (tele). In the field with the little birds I hardly had time to use that technique anyhow.

I know I am spoiled by Oly' sync IS with my 4/300Pro so I was expecting less keepers with the non-IS sync lens. I was surprised that most of my 'misses' came from the camera's AF locking up something outside of the selected AF 'box/boxes' and not from camera shake. I had no IS issues to speak with lens even at full zoom with MC20 on.

Using the Oly 100-400 sure did have me place a fair amount of emphasis on the upcoming 150-400. One reason being the constant aperture. I read that stopping the Oly 100-400 lens down a little helped out with IQ...not having a constant aperture complicates that doctrine a bit in the field as it requires another bite of limited time when trying to capture these little birds.

One other thing I noticed with the slower Oly 100-400 was I was required to use S-AF more than I do with the 4/300 and TCs. Just not enough light for C-AF in conditions less than ideal.

One last thing...as soon as I unpacked the lens the first thing that popped into my mind was this lens is one helluva a parting gift from Olympus. Light, well built, and good IQ from a non-Pro lens.

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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