Disqualified Challenge Entry

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David Omara Forum Member • Posts: 68
Re: Disqualified Challenge Entry

Unfortunately you entered a By Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants challenge, and for me he has shown over time to be a sub-standard host. Most notably in the way he deals with people who miss a rule.

I feel that there are two things that hosts should really do when people inadvertently break a rule.

  • State clearly why your entry was DQ. Simply stating 'ERROR' is quite idiotic from my point of view.
  • As I've seen other hosts do, they should disqualify entries before the voting phase commences. That way allowing people to resubmit and rectify their mistake.

The dismissive and condescending way that By Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants deals with people that miss a rule is really not becoming of a representative of DPR.

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