Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

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Re: Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

I don't know what kind of travel is available during the pandemic, but generally fixed focal length lenses, while offering superior IQ, are far less convenient for travel than zoom lenses.   In my experience, to get the best results, often requires waiting for favorable lighting and in cities tourists getting out of the way of your shot.  Depending on travel style, these opportunities may not be practical. Changing lenses and/or obtaining ideal vantage points can be difficult or impossible during travel.  Zooms are quite helpful in these circumstances.  Now, the issue with full frame is that the best zoom lenses are pretty large, which is way Sony developed the somewhat slow 28-60 retractable lens specifically for introduction with the A7c.  Personally, I have used an APSC camera mostly when traveling, because the normal and wide zoom lenses are not that large. The RX100 series can also be useful when doing activities like bicycle riding that require a pocketable camera.  But, different strokes for different folks.

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