What went wrong? Velvia 100

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Re: What went wrong? Velvia 100

fpapp wrote:

Autonerd wrote:

This is a wild-tush guess: Did you use a Patterson reel? If so, I would suspect your chemistry, because the edges of the film (which, I believe, are protected by the plastic on a plastic reel) don't seem to have much of the green cast. If the film was fogged, I would expect to see the full width of the film affected, and maybe some effect on the edge numbers/writing. I would not expect clear edges with bright edge writing as you have here.

I have developed way-expired film (B&W) that was age-fogged , and found that while the negatives were muddy, they were muddy uniformly across the film.

I did a web search and saw a reference to green fog being caused by incomplete fixing/bleaching/washing. Maybe reblix and rewash?

Again -- just a guess, I don't process slide and I use metal reels.

I do use Patterson reels. I kind of ruling out the bad chemistry theory because immediately after developing the two pushed rolls, I developed another Velvia 100 roll that I shot at box speed and it turned out perfect.

But what did you develop before ?

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