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Re: S95 - RX100 - now?

Hemuli wrote:

I have owned in the past several DSLRs but never really liked to carry them around.

When Canon S95 was published I got excited and bought it. It was so easy to carry always with me, was a delight to use. And yes - I took some very nice photos with it.

I had a S90 and had the same experience as you: Always there, fun, good pics.

After some years my son dropped it. RX100 was just announced and I then bought it as a replacement. Well - I have snapped some great quality photos with it. But - it has never been as fun to use as S95 was. And especially the skin tones lack something compared to Canon colours.

I have used RX100 less and less over the years do to this and one day I thought maybe I sell it away and buy something else.

I had an RX100 as well and again: I had the same experience. IQ was very, very good. Controls were there but cumbersome and hard to find. I found it too heavy as well and sold it.

Then I had a G7X I. IQ was very good (maybe a notch below the Sony but good enough for me). Controls were easily accessible, the tilt screen was a joy. Overall a very capable camera and fun to use as well. However I sold it because it still was a bit to big and heavy for my taste. I would probably have kept it if it was my only camera.

What would be your recommendation? Criteria:

- truly pocketable camera (preferably maximum the same size as RX100 mark I)

- Colour tone like S95

- Preferably a lot control over settings

- 1 inch sensor

Would it be G9x mark ii? But it looks more like a phone than camera in terms of controls. Then again, G7 and G5 are bigger... Or some Panasonic?

So I ended up with a G9X II. It is truly pocketable. It has an 1 inch sensor. It has a picture style called "portrait" that delivers nice skin tones. If these are not to your liking you can create your own picture style in "Picture Style Editor" and upload them into the camera which has 3 free spots for your own creations (this does only work on Windows, Macs are not supported!).

The zoom starts at the same 28mm as your S95 but reaches only 84mm and the aperture will be 4.9 at that point. This is the weak point IMHO but OK for me.

Controls: Everything can be controlled on the G9X II. The question is: Are you OK with touchscreens? For me it comes very naturally to adjust the settings by swiping and pointing. Let's say you are in A mode: You press the Q button to access all settings you want to change (these are user defined). Then you frame and change the aperture with the lens ring if needed. Once you get used to it it is quick and easy.

The G9X II is my always with me fun point and shoot. It does not cover everything I want to do so I have more cameras for that.

I am also ok to go with some older used cameras.

Thanks in advance!

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