Need to replace stolen A77. A7Rii or A7c

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Need to replace stolen A77. A7Rii or A7c

I have been very happy with my A77 for the past 8 or so years and have been an A-mount user since the Minolta 7000 in 1985. I have been tempted to upgrade to the latest wizardry MANY times since purchasing my A77 but when sitting down and evaluating what enhancements I would get beyond my A77 it never made sense.

With my A77 recently stolen on a trip to CA and a pending insurance claim I am looking for a replacement and A-mount doesn't make sense to me any more.

I am not a great art photographer, I like pictures that are meaningful to ME and don't really care about how they are received by others. I like to go camping, hiking, traveling etc. and record the events with me and my fellow travelers set against dramatic scenery in a way that no simple cell phone camera will provide. I like to use multiple flashes and carefully craft a lighting scene to capture the effect I want. My two favorite A77 lenses were the 16-50 F2.8 and Sigma 8-16mm. I rarely use a telephoto lens.

With used A7Rii going for under $1000 these days I thought my decision was made. A full frame 42 megapixel sensor with the considerable enhancements in technology since my A77 should last me 10 or so years. But then I came across the A7c and the smaller size really intrigues me!

I have a hard time believing that I will be happy going from a 24-70 equivalent main lens to the new super compact 28-60mm F4.5-5.6 lens introduced with the A7c. I think I will want to go with a 24-105 F4 for a decent constant aperture lens without lugging around all the weight of a 24-70 F2.8. I will also be wanting the Sony 12-24 F4.

With 24-105 F4 and 12-24 F4 lenses is there any REAL size advantage to the smaller size of the A7c over the A7Rii? Or does the size of the lenses overwhelm the smaller body size of the A7c?

I REALLY like the idea of 42 megapixels and the ability to frame a photograph large in the field then crop it to my liking on my computer. But 24 megapixels has been fine up to this point.

The focus speed and accuracy of my A77 has been fine with me up to this point. I don't shoot action shots and rarely miss a shot due to focus time or sharpness. So I don't see much advantage to the better focusing technology of the A7c.

Extra low light sensitivity is always appreciated but not something I live for.

I like the A77 controls and I am comfortable with the menu Sony menu layout on the A77.

I usually shoot in Aperture priority with the aperture on the front dial and exposure compensation on the rear dial.

I have never had an issue with the battery capacity of my A77 so I believe the A7Rii battery capacity will be sufficient.

I WILL SORELY MISS THE GPS ON MY A77. In fact the biggest reason I haven't upgraded to this point is the lack of GPS in all new mirrorless cameras.

I have tons of computing power and storage capacity so 42megapixel file sizes do not intimidate me!

If I can find a deal on an A7RIII I might consider paying the extra for one but the added features of the A7Riii over the A7Rii do not seem very pertinent to my and my style of shooting. I would rather spend the money on some nice lenses instead of the nicer body.

Anyone with similar photography style and needs care to comment? I haven't completely ruled out an A6600. My biggest impediment is that I don't have a real photo store with Sony gear within 4 hours of me. I will probably make the venture to one to compare the A7c with the latest A7 and the A6600 but would like to have a good feeling for the differences before making the trip.

Is there any cameras from other manufactures that I should consider? Preferably full frame and not massive and bulky.

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