The Sony a77ii has been Discontinued

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Re: The Sony a77ii has been Discontinued

I just ordered an "open box" A77ii body from Crutchfield in Virginia, that will arrive on Monday. Unfortunately, it cost almost $300 more than the brand-new A77ii I bought almost 5 years ago. They did include $80 in free accessories, which I used for an extra battery and high-capacity SD card. I realize that I am a dinosaur but, at my age, I wasn't quite up to switching to mirrorless. I have 21 a-mount lenses and a few older bodies. The idea of adapters on e-mount just never appealed to me. My existing A77ii has served me well and is still working fine, but I wanted an extra body as insurance against the day when it started to fail. I mostly do bird photography, and I find the A77ii a capable tool for that when combined with a decent lens.

My main reason for posting this is to point out that Crutchfield still has one new A77ii (with 16-50 lens) for sell. Unfortunately, it is still at the original list price of $1798 (with $100 of free accessories). I realize that price isn't attractive, but I thought someone might be interested. I am not associated with Crutchfield but have always found them to be a decent company.

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