Schneider Super Cinelux 80/2: Experimenting With Bokeh

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Re: Schneider Super Cinelux 80/2: Experimenting With Bokeh

PhotosByHall wrote:

charley5 wrote:

PhotosByHall wrote:

These are lovely.

I've been messing with projection lenses myself and they can take incredible portraits.

That's the amusing thing about portrait photography, your background is as important as your subject

I like the look of the Cinelux, but its quite expensive.

Thanks. Actually, a used Cinelux on EBay is quite reasonably priced, usually below $250. Once you get past 100mm though it starts to get expensive, namely because these can cover a medium format sensor. Which projection lenses are you using?


You and I have discussed our mutual love of projection lenses before

That is reasonable for a medium format coverage.

I am using the Pentacon 80 (soap bubble bokeh) and a RO-109-1A f1.2 50mm (incredible brightness, colour rendition + field curvature) - £13 from Russia!

I have a Meopta Meostigmat 50mm f1.0, Bell and Howell 50mm f1.2, Dallmeyer 1 inch ready to adapt - just waiting for the helicoids and coupling rings to come from china

EDIT : Here's a couple of shots with the RO-109-1A. For £13 its quite the bargain...

That is definitely a bargain. Lovely shots. I went through images shown in the manual focus forums and I have a list of projection lenses that appeal to me. What I have to keep in mind is that I am not interested in starting to collect lenses. I just want to get those that please me most with their results!

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