Interesting use for an old PowerShot

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Re: Interesting use for an old PowerShot

Dan, thanks so much for your detailed reply!

I know about CHDK, but haven't gotten around to using it yet.  I must try it on my old A720 and SX260.  Should be lots of fun!

Great point on why stills are better — the video would be nausea-inducing.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day crows discover your set up!  They usually don't attack, but flush out predators with dive-bombing and cawing in coordinated action.  We've seen them many times scare off hawks from our backyard even though the hawks are many, many times bigger.  There is definitely strength in numbers!

Now, as to kite-flying, I should try that, too.  However, I'm about as successful with that as Charlie Brown!

Do post more photos of your work — they're great to see!

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