How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

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Re: How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

amlbenilde wrote:

Hi thanks! I also suspected that it could've been done with post but the photo at the top-left is a screenshot of a behind the scene video from ig stories. I rent a studio with Godox dp400ii strobes. If i were to opt for a continuous light, what would be a good budget light for this setup considering the modifiers you mentioned.

There are only three options I know of for a high quality projection device.

1/ The Aputure Spotlight Mount

2/ The Aputure Spotlight Mini-Zoom (not yet available)

3/ The Godox S30 SA-P projection attachment (which is a copy of the far more expensive Dedolight DP2 imager)

The first modifier has a Bowens mount but will not work with a DP400II because it has a lens at the rear which gives very little clearance for the tube.

The other two use the Dedolight mount (not 100% sure about the Aputure one but they would be stupid not to make it compatible). Godox make the SA-17 adapter which lets you use the S30 projector on thier Bowens mount continuous lights. They are very clear that it's not intended for strobes and I doubt it would work with the DP400II because of the clearances at the back. Here is a video review of it. You will see that it is pretty inefficient.

People in the know are dropping hints that Godox is working on a solution that allows the S30 projector to be used on strobes but I don't have any details on that.

There are lots of no name projectors with Bowns mounts which do not have rear optics and will fit on strobes. Ones like this with built in optics or like this which lets you use a camera lens. You can compare the price of these with an S30 projector. I had one of these a while ago and they are fun but the optics are dreadful compared with the S30 projector. I also had a light blaster which is an overpriced piece of junk in comparison.

If I was trying to reproduce this at the lowest cost I'd use an S30 with an SA-P projector and an SA-06 iris (it's an expensive item but it gives you very fine control over the size of the circle. Perhaps only buy it if you are having issues getting the circle size you want).

Here's a video review of the S20. There's a two part review of the Aputure projector here and here.

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