Is this typical for 23mm f2?

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Re: Is this typical for 23mm f2 - field curvature?

boogisha wrote:

Hmm, this does seem bad, especially as its "Capture One" exported RAW - but that heavy vignette (not unusual by itself, but expected to be corrected) makes me wonder if there`s any other strange thing going on... Would you have a straight-out-of-camera JPEG as well? It would be really interesting to see how that one fared, vignette, but edges/corners sharpness wise as well.

I think "light falloff" default in capture one is 0 (zero). The 23mm f2 has a huge vignetting at f2.
Also, "manufacturer profile" instead of capture one's own correction might work better (at least it does with my 35mm f2).

I agree OP's samples look quite bad, in general.

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