I need advice, about buying light modifiers for product photography.

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I need advice, about buying light modifiers for product photography.

I have been thinking, last months, in getting some strobes, and i decided almost to get 2-3 Paul C. Buff Einsteins, as i can get those finally in Europe - i am from Spain - what, was a great surprise.
And at least two stripboxes, two 7" reflectors, with grids (10º, 20º, 30º), a snoot, and barndoor, also of some gels. Also of stands, etc. I could spend a bit more of 4000 $ if need (3500 €).

(I do not work as photographer yet, i have been doing some photography courses last years, and the last one has been a yearly "professional photography" course, with fasion, sports, Portrait, nude, and some more, with workshops and lectures from different photographers.

Now i want to deep more into product photography, learn more, and make a portfolio, learn a bit of marketing, photography business and hope to find some clients.)

(Also, I have bought like a year ago, Light Science & Magic book, and some more, and i will subscribe to Photigy and Karl Taylor education.)

Would be better that all light modifiers, from softboxes, to reflectors, etc to be from the same brand, or snoot & barndoors and other not softboxes ones, could be from another brand ?

I don't want to have a lot of problems with color casts.

Perhaps now , going over the learnt, and learning more while thinking in the portfolio, is not a big problem, but i want to think in the future, and not have to buy two times, when need to be sure color temperatures match as much as is possible.

I suppose most problems come from mixing different brand softboxes, and that with a reflector or a snoot, gels can be used, very easy, to change the color temperature to match those of the softboxes.

(But i am not sure, as in theory, i if i remember well, hard lights are warmer, than softer light as one of a softbox, so even with all light modifiers from paul c buff, some modifiers would give a warmer light, not only harder light.)

I suppose, it would be good to have also of two stripboxes, one bigger softbox for lighting background or for bigger products, where a stripbox could not be so useful, but perhaps that can wait some months.

Even if i start only using one strobe, i would buy at least two. Given that at least some knowledge i have from the workshops / photography course, i prefer to have more strobes, and buy them all at once, to have more flexibility and be able to try things, etc.

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