Garage studio question: do you keep your seamless paper hung ?

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Re: Garage studio question: do you keep your seamless paper hung ?

Kumsa wrote:

Every studio I've visited or used, the seamless paper rolls are always in place. However, I've read that it's Best Practice to store seamless paper rolls vertically, when not in use.

Paper rolls are like batteries in some equipment - it's "best" to remove them when not in use but it isn't always practical. I leave paper rolls up and couldn't care less if there's a bit of sag and in general, yes, the paper will at some point start to sag. So? Before it's an issue the paper is often long gone. Experiment and do what's best for you and or your shop. No way am I taking large rolls of paper down after each shoot. I've even stored the tubes of paper horizontally, vertically, 45* angle, etc.. long term. Depending on your focal length and subject distance from the paper, one typically isn't able to tell diddly squat about the condition of the paper or notice ripples in my experience.

Otherwise, over time the tube will start to sag, and then ripples will be introduced when the paper is unrolled for use.

That's 100% true. The question is how much time does it take for a roll of paper consistently hung horizontally, to be a detriment to one's photography.

So, should I plan on keeping the seamless paper stored vertically until I use it ? Or, is the threat of a bowed tube much ado about nothing ?

As long as it's not a safety issue, a bit of sag doesn't bother me - and is indeed (for me) 'much ado about nothing'... and that goes for shooting in a dedicated studio, using seamless paper on location or using your garage.

That's my friendly view

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