R/RP ND Filter & Control Ring Mounts

Started Mar 8, 2019 | Discussions thread
Croomrider Regular Member • Posts: 478
Re: R/RP ND Filter & Control Ring Mounts-Update

I purchased the variable ND filter to use on my RP. It is very nice for situations where it is bright out and you want to be able to use a slower shutter speed. However, it will do you no good on RF glass, since you can't use the adapter. I think it is great for some applications if you know you're going to be using EF glass but I wouldn't buy it just because it might be the only Canon adapter available right now. I also purchased a couple of off brand adapters when I couldn't get the $100 Canon ones, and they do just fine. I do think the price for the Vari-ND filter is ridiculous, as it's about 40% of the price of the complete RP body!

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