An X-T3 users thoughts on his X-E3 purchase...

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Re: An X-T3 users thoughts on his X-E3 purchase...
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So, not that it matters, but a little over a month ago, i picked up an X-E3 w/ 23mm 1.4 for a song ($450); but had reservations that a body older and more limited than my T3 would be as useful. However, i followed the advice here, and gave it a fair shot; in this time, i also figured it would be good to share my feedback for anyone else who might be wondering. And i will leave a TL:DR for those wondering at the end...

Overall Impressions

Obviously, the body size and style are completely different from the T3, which was my first reservation. I am happy to say that the body style really grew on me. Before my move to Fuji, i had an A6000, and the square RF style body absolutely never grew on me. I hated using the camera, and it didn't stay in my collection long. Thankfully, this camera is a polar opposite; i enjoy using it as much as the T3, and the grip (even without an extension) is excellent. I think i would wish for the dials of the T3, but i have had no problem adapting to the different setup.

Compared to the T3, i have had to be a little more flexible on my configuration, but it still works well. My front dial manages ISO, with shutter generally on A, and aperture adjusted on the lens.


A number of users asked my thoughts on the EVF in comparison, and i can't say i will really surprise anyone. It is smaller for sure, and i lament the loss of the eye cup (i know there is a 3rd party solution, but....). However, in real world use, i have had no problem making it work, and it has never cost me a shot.

Likewise, the LCD is nice, but I definitely find myself wishing for the adjustable monitor i came to love on the T3. It works, but Fuji has some room to impress if they add that kind of feature. Otherwise, the screen and experience is the same, and using it has been seamless day to day.


Being an older body, I also had worries that the AF would disappoint; thankfully, for the USE CASE i see the E3, it has never been a problem. Right up front, i know my T3 on V4 will blow it out of the water, but i also will not use the E3 in the same situation that my T3 will see (paired with the 100-400 more rugged outdoors, etc). The E3 keeps up very well on the street, and does an excellent job for portrait and still photography.

Image Quality

This was my biggest worry.. would the X-Trans 3 leave me disappointed. Flat out, not at all! Since using it, not once have i hesitated in using it because i was afraid the image quality would be a problem. The colors are wonderful, with the same crisp Fuji color that impressed me with the X-T3. I have even done night photography, and left again very happy.

Other thoughts

Surprisingly, this has become my go to body for walk arounds in the day/night, when i just want something with me. It is 99% used with the 23mm (as such, i now completely understand the X100V), but that may change as i acquire other similar primes (would like an 18, or pancake 27, etc). I love the combination, and it has killed a long standing desire for a mobile setup like an RX100 VI, etc. Right now, the two bodies average a 50/50 use, with the T3 winning on planned trips, and the E3 for any grab and go. I also love how small the E3 is, and i can fit it easily into my T3 bad (Thinktank Streetwalker V2) as a backup body. I really feel that this body has opened me up in what is possible for me, and i am beyond thankful i purchased it when i did.


The E3 has become a beloved addition to my hobby. It commonly goes with me every day (in my man purse... lol), and has impressed me with its versatility. It won't replace my T3, but it definitely made me a more agile and equipped photographer. I solidly recommend such a camera if you are looking for a second body.

Thank you so much for this post. It really, really resonated with me as a current X-T3 owner.

I got back into photography the end of this summer with the purchase of my X-T3. My wife wanted a camera as well and we were debating between the X-T20 and X-E3 (which was an incredibly tough debate). I was leaning toward the X-E3 for the contrast in style compared to the X-T3 but my wife preferred the SLR style of the X-T20 and we ended up finding a really good deal on an X-T30.

Even after purchasing that, there’s still a big part of me that wants an X-E3 but I’m not sure how it would fit when I can borrow my wife’s X-T30 or even use my old X-M1 for an on-the-go option (so far my X-T3 with my 27mm and 18mm has worked perfectly for that). Mentally and emotionally, I’m still trying to get over the hump of not wanting to cannibalize my time with my X-T3 with another piece of gear.

To that end though, I just like where digital photography technology is at right now. I know there’s always room for improvement, but everything (at least with Fuji) feels so right, which is why I’m thinking about buying an X-E3 sometime to mess around with and eventually give to my 10 month old son when he’s older with either a cheap Meike pancake lens or the 15-45mm zoom. I know it'll be outdated by then, but I'm 99% sure it'll still be a joy to use and great to learn with and it'll be considered cheap enough by then that I won't mind giving to a 5 year old.

I don’t want to use my kid as an excuse to make yet another camera purchase as I had always planned to give him my X-M1 but there’s something about the X-E3 that speaks to me. Like you, I didn’t like the rangefinder style much to begin with, but it’s grown on me so much recently; to the point where I want just want something portable in that style and the X-E3 is perfect. I don’t care that the X-E4 is coming out (for now) because all the research I did when deciding between the X-E3 and the X-T20 shows that it’s an amazing camera and your post validates that and it gave me an excuse to vent the above.

I used the X-T30 for many months and recently sold it to buy an X-100V. There is something about a very small camera with the viewfinder in the centre, that just feels odd/wrong to me.
Having a small camera body with the EVF on the left makes more ergonomic sense for me; it adds a bit more space between my right hand and my face. Plus it prevents my nose being pressed up against the camera.
I also have an X-E3 and love it for the same reason. Used X-E3’s can be found for great prices these days.

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