Just pulled the trigger! Found an R5 in stock online at a shop and bought it...So pumped

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Re: Just pulled the trigger! Found an R5 in stock online at a shop and bought it...So pumped

Blokfluitist wrote:

Digital longevity is an interesting issue - we create infinitely more images now, but their longevity is questionable. How many of us have media from 25 years ago, and what will we be using in 25 years time? My father was a keen photographer, I have two albums documenting my first two years, and I know my mother has a cupboard full of more family photo albums . With care they will continue to stand the test of time, but our younger generations are likely to lose out on a lot of such physical memories.

We invest heavily now in cloud storage, effectively handing over all our precious memories to a third party promising 'lifetime' safekeeping and I'm not even sure what that means in reality? Our family photos are still accessible and readable in their original format after 60+ years. How can any of us know if the cloud storage companies, or their infrastructure, will still be around; and our memories readable in 60 years time? How will our families be able to access them after we've gone? Will they even know the files exist?


I feel just the opposite. I have only a few wedding pictures from 37 years ago, and they are fading fast. I switched completely to digital in 2003 and can access any of those pictures easily in a few seconds from my hard drive. I have boxes of pictures and slides from before that and have a hard time finding anything specific I want to look at and it's cumbersome looking at slides now anyway. Then you have to worry about dust and mold on your pictures or slides.

Now, with digital, I can keep both Jpeg and Raw files for an image and with hard drive space being as cheap as it is, I can make as many copies as it takes to make me comfortable I'm not going to lose the pictures. My main storage is a Drobo that will handle up to 60 terabytes and it has automatic internal redundancy so that if a hard drive fails, you can pop in a new one without loosing anything. In addition, I have two 10 terabyte hard drives that can be plugged into a dock and record a full backup of everything currently on my Drobo. One of these stays in my fire proof safe, and another one offsite at my place of work. You see, I don't trust cloud storage either. However, in addition to my other backups I do also have everything backed up on the cloud as well as on at least one more hard drive besides the two mentioned. I think it will be a very long time before Jpegs cannot be read with whatever software is current for the day. If hardware goes through a revolution, it should be easy to copy the files to the new system before the current system becomes obsolete.

So, with all of that in mind, I think I should be pretty well covered for anything short of an atomic war, in which case, it probably wont matter. Do you feel as confident with your prints?

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